Assurance Services:

Audited financial statement opinions

Compilation opinions

Review opinions


Special opinions

Bank-required documents

Other agreed-upon procedures


Tax Preparation:

Individual tax returns

LLC (limited liability company) returns

Corporate tax returns


S Corporation tax returns

Partnership tax returns

Estate and Trust

Form SS-4 EIN applications

Form SS-8 Worker Status

Payroll tax returns

Sales tax returns

Property tax filings

Other state and municipal filings

Nonprofits and other Tax-exempt entities:

IRS determination filings – Form 1023

Audited financial statements

Tax Preparation for Nonprofit entities


State Public Charities/Exempt Entities filings

Federal Form 990

Federal Form 990-PF for Private Foundations

State nonprofit information returns – all states

Pension tax returns – Form 5500

Estate, Trust, Fiduciary and Gift Tax Preparation:

Federal and State Gift Tax Returns

Trust Form 1041 and 1041-A

Federal and State Estate and Succession Tax Returns

Accounting Services:

Accounting and Reporting

Bookkeeping and Bill Paying 



We assist clients with a wide variety of services, including business advice, accounting and general ledger assistance, tax planning, minimum IRA distribution requirements, gift planning including preparation and completion of Form 8283 – Noncash Charitable Contributions

Serving: Litchfield and Fairfield and New Haven Counties, Greater Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont.

We prepare tax returns for every state in the United States, and for several taxing authorities outside of the US as well.