We have known, respected and enjoyed working with Tracy since we came to Sharon in the early 90s.  She combines both big city and country skills, is a very hard and productive worker, is loyal and totally trustworthy, and is always available when needed. We’ve been very happy with her and her staff. (B.& P. Heller – Personal, Corporate and Accounting Services client)

We hired Tracy E Fillow CPA few years ago to conduct our first full audit, and subsequently needed a Single Audit. Needless to say that from a simple review to a full audit then a Single audit, we were unprepared with the level of details needed. Tracy and her firm helped us through the difficult transition in a very professional fashion for which we are grateful.  (Jean Marie Horovitz, Treasurer, Kent Affordable Housing, 501C3 Non-Profit client)

When I moved from Massachusetts to Connecticut in 2006 I asked my financial advisor to advise me on possible accountants in my new area. It didn’t seem like much of a move but each state has its own way of doing its business and I needed an expert in this area.

One of his board members gave my advisor Tracy Fillow’s name saying she was known for her acumen and good heart.

Wow, I had never thought of that! My then current CPA had a big firm and I dealt with someone new every tax year. Some were really nice, some were in a hurry – well, they were all in a hurry! It never occurred to me that taxes and heart could go together.

I signed on with Tracy and have never looked back.

She embodies authority on tax and financial issues with a clear heartfelt reality check that helps me see how each decision impacts my/our life. She is present and works hard to be available for all the deadlines I have put in her way – school loans, financial aid, whatever I have going on, she is there.

Tracy’s advice throughout the financial crisis we were in – with plenty of company – gave us peace of mind. She was able to handle Massachusetts and Connecticut’s tax transitions for us and kept us from paying a fine we didn’t need to pay – thanks to her keeping on top of letters to state agencies that we never had to deal with.

Her clarity and patience has helped members of our family get straightforward tax help when they needed it. Her judicious advice and knowledge of us and our taxes gives us confidence that we are doing the right thing.

Thank you, Tracy! (P. White – Personal, Trust and Corporate Client)

I have been a client of Tracy’s for over ten years.  Along with filing my yearly, and what I consider complicated, taxes, she has also worked with me through selling real estate, administering a conservatorship for which I was conservator and the closing of multiple estates, one of which was very difficult.  She has always been extremely professional and willing to help me understand the documents and all my responsibilities.  I have nothing but the utmost respect and confidence in her. (S. Bates – Personal, Trust and Estate client)

Tracy has been our personal and business accountant for over 25 years. She is also a trusted business advisor. We hold her in the highest regard and trust her implicitly. She and her team are excellent. (D. & B. Smolover – Personal & Corporate client)